Brucey the Dragon Eel

One Sunday afternoon, Aunty Mo called asking if I wanted an eel. I asked what kind. She said its a dragon eel. I just got up from my nap, but a dragon eel, oh yah letʻs go pick it up even if we had to take the long drive to Ewa Beach. Since it’s a dragon eel I named it Brucey. Wow a Bruce Lee Connection again!

Once home I had another dilemma, my nephew put two big rocks in the bucket. How was I going to get him out of the bucket? First, I would have to remove the heavy rocks but I wasn’t going to stick my hand in the bucket. I tried to pick up the rock with the tongs but that didn’t work. So my wife sticks her hand in the bucket and picks up the rock.

Man eels have tiny sharp teeth and they donʻt let go. She needs to read up on these critters but she always would catch the poisonous creatures in the ocean and ask me if I wanted it for my aquarium. Anyway she got the rocks out while I was a panty and didn’t want to put my hand in the bucket.

He has a personality too. Anytime I go pass the aquarium he would come out to look at me. We’re really enjoying Brucey – itʻs so cool to watch him gulp down a fish.

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Kahe Point


This photo of Kahe Point was taken by Erin at 13 at the end of a long day of fishing. This was the start of my love for photography.  The Waianae coast has become one of my favorite places to photograph and fish. 

Kahe Point is located on the Waianae Coast on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Kahe Point is also known as Electric Beach because of the power plant that is located directly across the street. Kahe Point is one of our favorite places to pole fish and the beautiful coastline is always a treat. At Kahe Point you’ll always find the “locals” fishing there.

That day we cheered loudly when we caught anything for the aquarium.  We cheered also when we caught the larger fish (to eat) but would throw them back into the ocean.  Finally, another fisherman came over to see what we were doing.  We explained that we were fishing for the aquarium and he just laughed.  I guess it looked strange that we would throw back the large fish.  We ended up trading fishes that day.

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Use It or Lose It

Through a mutual acquaintance my husband, Kelly, met Scott and found they both enjoyed fishing.  We all finally met, and Scott took us to one of his favorite spots.  By the third or fourth cast, I felt what I haven’t in a long time, and I was having the time of my life again, even if I didn’t catch anything.


Years ago fishing was a favorite past time, but then we started snorkeling, then I dropped out of snorkeling to walk our dogs along the beach while Kelly snorkeled.  So what happens to your equipment that you haven’t used in a long, long time?  You guessed it, we’ll be fixing up our equipment this week, and maybe getting in a little bit of fishing.

Need to buy new shoes, new lines,
and look what happens when you don’t aim right

All I could tell Kelly was that we’ll be lucky if Scott ever invited us to go fishing again. It’s an outing we will always remember – renewed hobby, new friend, and a lot of laughter.  The end of a beautiful day.



What’s Love Got To Do With It


At our last small group meeting we had a discussion about “loving” people.  I’ve always heard, love your neighbor as yourself but could never grasp that concept – how could I possibly love everyone as Jesus commands?  Honestly, I don’t necessary “like” everyone.

Question, what is the difference between “like” and “love?  “Like” simply means that we don’t always click with everyone, so naturally, we cannot like everyone and it’s ok. That answer was easy for me to understand and accept.  

“Love” on the other hand meant what the world said love is, it is the emotions, it is the feeling of being in love.  Although I’ve heard God’s definition of love over and over –  love is not an emotion or feeling, it’s a choice to love someone, but I still could not grasp that concept. 

Short and quick answer – love is doing what is right.

Wow, what a revelation.  This concept changed my life, I now see my life differently.  Now when I read the bible and the word love appears I change it to, “do what’s right”.  The meaning is so much clearer.  I often wondered what does it really mean when someone says, God loves me.  I had doubts about how He could love me, how can I really know if He loves me.  Now I look at it from His perspective.  As long as God does what is right, He loves me. 

– I see the cross so differently.  Jesus did what was right, he was obedient.  He LOVES me.

– Knowing His character I know that he cannot sin so He would never do anything to me that was not right.  So I know He loves me.  I can TRUST him.

– When I repent my sins are no more.  I am FORGIVEN.  I have been shown GRACE.

– He never goes back on His promises.  I have HOPE, PEACE, STRENGTH, NO FEAR, NO WORRY … the list goes on and on.

So now I see my life through different eyes.  Love has a whole different meaning.  For example, being married for some time now I don’t always “feel” loved.  But I no longer can say to my husband that he doesn’t love me.  I may not feel the emotions but I know he does what is right, he loves me. 

Stress and trials – they all come and go – but I have to consciously seek to do what is right in any circumstance – then I have loved as Jesus commanded.

So, what’s love got to do with it?  With God’s definition – everything!

Fun With Personalization

A long time ago I remember my boyfriend and  “now my  husband”, buying matching fabric clothes to attend a high school prom and I saw someone else with the same fabric.  After that I made it a point to sew my own prom dresses.  I also sewed my daughter’s Halloween costumes each year, except for the year she insisted on buying the red Power Ranger costume, and it seemed that every child in the neighborhood  was also the red Power Ranger .  We had a heck of a time keeping track of where she was in a sea of red Power Ranger trick or treaters.  Today, those are my aha moments to say why personalization is so fun and important for me.

With a degree in fashion design I wanted to create one-of-a-kind bridal  gowns.  With the ownership of our first Jack Russell I’ve found a true love of dogs – which brings me back to personalization.  How do these diverse interests come into one?  Sublimation!

Sublimation gives me the opportunity to offer everyone a chance to be creative … every wedding, birthday party, or special event can be a one-of-a-kind event, with personalization.  I can keep my little Jack Russell, Bud, with me all day with personalized items.

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My little Bud, always my inspiration


Once in a Lifetime Hike – Wiliwili Ridge Trail

Once in a Lifetime Hike - Wiliwili Ridge Trail

Summer 2012 – Erin was home for the summer break but only for one month. We decided to hike the Wiliwili Ridge Trail. Kelly and I did the hike before but didn’t get to the top. My excuse, that other time it was kind of windy and scary. I found out that I was really afraid of heights. So this time I laid down the ground rules – no fooling around – the trail is narrow and it is windy! My mind kept thinking what if we fell off, it is a long way down.

The trail is lush and peaceful, once you can get your mind off of how narrow the trail is. The view is like no other and all you can see for miles is green and a little bit of blue from the east side of the island. What a feeling once you reach the peak to see the other side of the mountain.

After a little bit of rest and Erin expressing her joy in this accomplishment, even after the ground rule of “no fooling around” it was time to get back to civilization. It seemed to take forever going back, maybe because each step was getting harder and harder. The trail back seemed to never end. This was not an easy hike, you got hills, you got more hills and thank you to whoever tied the ropes so that you could pull yourself up those hills.

At least we can say we did a once in a lifetime hike – cause I wouldn’t want to do it again.


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Spiderman Submission to the 2012 San Diego Comic-con Book

Spiderman Submission to the 2012 San Diego Comic-con Book


I have always had an interest in comic book art and am a member of the Hawaii Comic Collector’s Club. I have lunch with two friends from the comic club on a regular basis. I had told them about my plans to submit a piece of artwork for the 2012 San Diego Comic-con book. During lunch I brought my sketch for critique and their suggestions were really helpful. I made corrections and brought it back the following week with the new revisions. The piece was evolving. I took the piece home to my wife who always has something to say about my artwork and she gave me her suggestions. She is my best and worst critic but I have the highest respect for her suggestions. I made more corrections and was happy with the evolution of this piece. I was able to submit my piece on time. To surround myself with supportive people that truly cared for what I was doing was a really rewarding experience. You can’t beat friends that support you and offer constructive criticism. I enjoyed doing this drawing and love the art deco period. I hope my illustration will get into the 2012 comic-con book.

Mahalo , Kelly

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